About Us


About Us - Freebie Bin - Free Sample, Freebies, Free Stuff, Free MakeupSo you want to know all About US….. Freebie Bin (FreebieBin.com) is owned and operated by myself, Valerie Hall.  I had been operating another freebie site, Freebies4MeBeez but sold it and decided that I wanted another site that was more primarily focuses on Free Samples, Freebies and Giveaways – as well as product reviews.

I spend many hours per day searching and locating the best free samples I can find each day and I normally post anywhere from 2 – 15 new free samples, freebies and giveaways every single day.  I almost NEVER take a day off!  I work very hard to make ensure to the best of my ability that every free sample is 100 SCAM-FREE and 100% Legitimate and REAL!

Why I Do This

I absolutely love going to my mailbox and finding little surprises and I am sure you will, too!  If you sign up for every single free sample and freebie that I list on the website, you are sure to get at least 60-70% delivered to your home in time.  Sometimes you will get them within day and sometimes you may have a free sample finally show up 6-8 months later.  You just never know!  Its just fun to see everyday what comes in the mail! 🙂

The reason I say you can expect to actually recieve about 60-70% of the free samples and not 100% is because sometimes the companies don’t realize how large the demand will be for their free samples and they simply run out.  It’s all about how fast you sign up and how many other people signed up.  Sometimes, it seems like I get EVERY freebie and free sample in my mailbox and sometimes I think about it and realize I never got something months later.  Don’t let it discourage or upset you!  The stuff is FREE!  Just get excited like I do when you get something!  Don’t be sad when you don’t.  There are always more freebies and free samples here at FreebieBin every single day!  I make sure of it!  I do NOT let the site get stale – I keep it fresh with new things as often a possible (daily).

Thank You for Visiting!

So sit back, relax and just start signing up for all that free stuff!  You are gonna have a blast with it!  Be sure to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!  I often post exclusive giveaways on the Facebook page!  Everyone is very friendly and we have a blast!  If you ever have ANY questions, just comment on the bottom of the page of the freebie and I will answer usually in less than a day – but often within an hour or so! 🙂

Thank you for visiting Freebie Bin and taking the time to learn all about us and what we do!  We appreciate you and welcome you to our Freebie Bin family!


Valerie Hall, Owner