Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018

Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018

The Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018 is our list of the best sources for free samples.  These are websites that won’t make you fill out long surveys that take 20 minutes and you get nothing.  These websites only list free samples that you will actually receive!  The only time you won’t receive the free samples is if the companies ran out of stock due to a large number of requests.  I am going to list these in the order of reliability.  This means, I have gone to their websites and actually received the freebies and free samples that I signed up for!

Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018 freebies

Number 1

Freebie Bin

Top 5 legit free samples websites 2018 is run by myself, Valerie Hall, a housewife.  I make a point to ONLY list legit free samples.  The entire reason I started my website was because I was tired of trying to find free samples and filling out forms, only to feel like I had been scammed.  One thing is for sure – the only time you won’t get a free sample or a freebie that you sign up for on Freebie Bin, is if the company underestimated the amount of requests they would receive and ran out of free samples or if there were only a limited number of samples to go around.

I always sign up for every single freebie and free sample that I post. is on the list of Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018 because I always post photos of my free samples to prove I receive them.  I post those photos on the Freebie Bin Facebook Page and in our United States and United Kingdom free samples Facebook Groups.  Of course,since Freebie Bin is located in the USA, we cannot sign up for the United Kingdom (UK) freebies and free samples.  So go ahead – visit and be sure to add it to your bookmarks and sign up for the newsletter so you never miss a free sample again!

Number 2


Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018

Hunt4Freebies made it to the list of Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018 for 2 reasons:  they only list legit free samples and freebies and they regularly update their site every day.  They also list fantastic coupons to a huge of retailers and they are pretty good about marking offers expired once they run out.  Many of the free samples websites don’t do that which just ends up wasting everyone’s time.  Hunt4Freebies is very good about getting right to the point and making it easy to find your free samples!

Number 3

Freebie Shark

top 5 legit free samples websites 2018

Freebie Shark has definitely earned it’s place in the list of Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018.  First of all, they have such a cute logo.  I love that shark!  FreebieShark is actually a money-saving blog.  The owner consistently updates you with the hottest freebies,coupons, and deals! Updated every day, throughout the day, with the mission plan to assist everyone by helping them save as much money as humanly possible!

Number 4

Sweet Free Stuff

top 5 legit free samples websites 2018

The Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018 list is including Sweet Free Stuff because they are quite reliable.  They are very easy to navigate and categorize their free samples much like FreebieBin does.  They aren’t as good about expiring their free samples once they run out.  However, they consistently list great free samples that are legitimate and you will likely receive your free samples.  I don’t use them as often but they are a great source.

And Finally…last, but not least….

Number 5

Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018

Free Stuff is has a rather comprehensive list of free samples.  Therefore, this has earned it’s place on the Top 5 Legit Free Samples Websites 2018.  They do have a pop-up or two which can be a little frustrating if you dislike them as much as I do.  Once you overlook that fact, there is a huge selection of categories, allowing it for you to easily find the types of free samples and freebies that you are searching for.  They are current and up to date and do a great job of only listing legitimate free samples and freebies.

What do you think?

Did you not see your favorite free samples website listed?  No worries – I had to choose only 5 – so no offense to your favorite!  Think maybe I haven’t heard of your favorite?  Give it a shot!  Post your favorite Free Samples website in the comments below!  Maybe I will make a much more extensive list soon and put yours on the list!

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