Loot Crate $5 off Coupon for Your Next Loot Crate!

Ever Heard of Loot Crate?  

Let me tell you – Loot Crate is the greatest subscription box for your nerds, guys, girls, and the people that have everything.  I have found it to be SUCH a great gift.  The amount of product that you get for the amount of money you pay is absolutely phenomenal.  I got my husband a subscription for Christmas last year and it has truly been the gift that keeps on giving all year long!  It cost $15.99 per month plus $6 shipping – you can NOT beat that price for what you are getting!

Loot Crate $5 off coupon

May 2017 “Guardians” Loot Crate

What Comes in a Loot Crate?

Every month we get a Loot Crate in the mail and Jason, my husband, is always absolutely thrilled to open his box.  First of all, every single box includes a T-shirt that comes in the size you specify (They have up  Mens 5x and Women’s 3x).  The boxes each have a theme and the theme changes every month.

Loot Crate$5 off coupon

January 2017 “Origins” Loot Crate

For example, The January 2017 Box was themed “Origins”.  The box contained a Super Mario Original Jumpman T-Shirt (Value $15+) , a TMNT Tiki Cup (Value $5-10), Mini Magazine, TMNT Loot Pin Collectible Pin, and a Captain America Golden Age Shield Replica with a Certificate of Authenticity (Value $15?).  Now, if you add up the estimates of the value, it comes to about $40-50 for each Loot Crate.

Loot Crate $5 off coupon - August 2017 Loot Crate August 2017 “Kingdom” Loot Crate

Now, I actually buy my husband super hero type shirts all the time.  Because he is plus sized, they cost about $30-35 each.  (Far more than the $15 valuation I put on the shirt above).  For us – it’s a bargain just to get the shirt every month.  Then, to be also getting 3-5 other items in each LootCrate – you can’t beat that!  Sometimes he keeps the other items, sometimes we gift them to people and sometimes we just sell them.  You absolutely can NOT lose out by getting this subscription box.  I am going to start reviewing each box monthly because it absolutely amazes me how good of a deal this LootCrate Subscription has been.  Stay Tuned for more!

I am now giving away $5 off promotion off your first subscription so you can try it out!



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